UV Water Sterilizers: Kill Bacteria!

Updated: July 15, 2024.

Your water supplies comes from underground and rivers, lakes, and streams. These waters sources are surrounded and effected by a lot of activities that produce chemicals. Living things or animals directly produce different chemicals that enter water supplies, such as wastes. Living things such as bacteria and viruses also thrive in many water sources. Naturally occurring chemicals in the ground and environment also enter water sources. Additionally, man-made chemicals used in agricultural and industrial applications find their way into water supplies. The list of chemicals and contaminants in water sources is large, and many of them are harmful to our health. We are going to focus specifically on bacteria and viruses found in water supplies.

Ultraviolet Water Treatment: Most Effective Bacteria Killer

Some common bacteria and viruses present in water sources include Cholera, E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Needless to say, these bacteria cause serious health problems and diseases. You don’t even want to go into the details of the health problems they cause. Fortunately, municipal water treatment plants kill these harmful bacteria by using Chlorine, which is a powerful disinfectant.

Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer 24 GPM

However, this does not mean that our household water supply is completely free of harmful bacteria. In fact, a very small amount of the dangerous bacteria might still remain in the water supply, but it’s considered to be “safe” according to government regulations. But you might be still bothered consuming water that is infested even with a tiny amount of bacteria. Private water supplies such as wells and private lakes must be treated by the owners. Private water sources must be filtered for all dangerous contaminants with individual filtering systems.

Ultraviolet Water Sterilization

When it comes to completely removing bacteria from water, an Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer is the best solution. Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer (or filter) is a great filtering system for people who receive municipal and private water. UV water sterilizer is proven to be the most effective tool for killing bacteria and viruses from water.

Ultraviolet Water Treatment

An Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer kills bacteria. An Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer is proven to be the most effective way to destroy waterborne bacteria. Before you can understand how UV technology works, a brief science lesson is necessary.

Light is simply electromagnetic radiation. Such radiation is described by two simple parameters, wavelength (nanometers) and frequency (hertz). All electromagnetic radiation also carries energy with it. The range of visible light is between about 300 nanometers to 700 nanometers. Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is less than 300 nanometers, and is invisible to the human eye.

Ultraviolet Water Kills Bacteria

The way Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer work is by releasing UV radiation into the water that runs through it. This Ultraviolet radiation has the same wavelength as some of the bacteria. The UV perfectly match the size of the bacteria. The UV radiation penetrates the cells of the bacteria, changes their DNA, and prevents the bacteria from multiplying. This effectively sterilizes or kills bacteria, as they are no longer able to reproduce and cause any threats.
An Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer comes with a special sealed lamp that releases the radiation as water passed through a flow chamber or pipe. The UV water sterilizes connects to electrical outlets for power. A great advantage of Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer is they are chemical free and don’t produce any new chemicals after filtering the water. This important characteristic makes Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer very low maintenance filtering systems. The special Ultraviolet Lamp has a limited life that lasts for about a year or slightly more. After that, the lamp must be replaced.

Ultraviolet Light Water Purification

Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different needs. There are large systems which are designed to serve an entire household and there are systems meant to be used for one specific fixture (kitchen sink e.g.) This really depends on the individual water filtering needs. It’s important to note that Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer are the most effective products that kill bacteria. However, UV water sterilizers are not effective at removing many other water contaminants. Therefore, Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer usually make a great addition to water filters that remove most other harmful contaminants such as Chlorine, Arsenic, Hydrogen Sulfide, THM’s, VOC’s, and many others. When looking for complete water filtering, it is best to use a combination of filters such as Reverse Osmosis and Activated Carbon filters.

Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers

An excellent example is the Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer System by Crystal Quest. This Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer feature hard glass germicidal lamps that lasts for 9,000 hours. This model comes with a variety of flow rates of 6 GPM (Gallons Per Minute, 8 GPM, and 12 GPM. Maximum operating water pressure is 125 psi, with electrical compatibility for 110-130 V/50-60 Hz. The Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer System by Crystal Quest starts at only $350.00, for a system with 6 GPM. Get this Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer right now and don’t worry about harmful bacteria in your water!

Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers


Some UV Sterilizers are large and are designed for commercial and industrial applications. Look at this commercial 48 gallons per minute UV Water Sterilizer as an example:

Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer 28 GPM


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